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Netball Courses at Konka Resort Netball Courses for Primary and High School Players presented at Konka Resort, located 30kms form Magaliesburg. Ten courts (4 all weather, 6 grass) allow for quality coaching and training nestled in the backdrop of the majestic Magaliesberg Mountains.  
Young players are equipped Young players are used to demonstrate new skills and set-plays and then the rest of the teams venture to their own courts (assisted by a coach) to sharpen the newly acquired skill or set play.
Coached to become a Star Shooter Elsje is coaching and giving individual attention to a goal shooter aiming to play for the Proteas one of these days!  
Demonstration Time All teams and players get the opportunity to form part of the demonstrations.  These demonstrations are not longer than 15 minutes before teams are allowed to practise and try it out on there own courts where they are supported by Sportisimo coaches and their own coaches.
Coaches At Work At our courses we spend a lot of quality time with coaches working on the finer and more technical understanding of the game!  These sessions form an integral part of the course and lead to better insight of the game and a more scientific coaching philosophy.
Time to CHILL...
Between sessions players can relax, have fun and a lot of laughs with friends and cool down from the warm bushveld sun in the HUGE but very safe swimming pool! All swimming activities take place under the strict supervision of ARA accredited KONKA facilitators.
Netball Online Foto Netball Online is a netball analysis portal for any netball team and/or individual netball player who wants to improve.  The channel provides a platform to coaches, players and parents where all aspects of netball is addressed making use of video’s. Video analysis is further used to give tactical- and technical feedback to teams and individual players.
Celebrating 10 years of EXCELLENCE !! Sportisimo will celebrate 10 years of bussiness in 2013!  We look back on 10 years and are greatfull for God's grace and blessings.  We are greatfull for friendships built, personal growth and success.  We are looking forward to the years to come!
Bonding time for COACHES! During the courses the coaches of different schools, use the time for some much needed team building! The coaches utilise the opportunity to do some networking and build relationships with  other coaches and very often, also to make some good new friends!
Obstacle Course of COURSE!!! Part of the team building program is to have teams move through the obstacle course with speed, agility and a positive, supportive attitude! Three team mates flying Tarzan style to avoid the mud bath...
Making memories that will last a lifetime!! TEAM sport participation is about creating life-long memories and to integrate and build life principles like integrity, respect and loyalty.  All the team build activities combine fun, challenge and co-operation as criteria for success.  The highlight is to find the team that can complete these team activities with the greatest level of success but also with strong team dynamics/relationships and an experience of HEALTHY enjoyment and FUN associated with outdoor games.  
Pink Netball Princesses To coach netball to the very young ones is both an art and a science but success at this development stage form the basis of the future performance of every school.  Through fun and games we do skills development and make sure these youngsters learn to LOVE LOVE LOVE the game!  See also our very exciting SportisiKids programmes as well as our U/8 mother-and-daughter netball break aways.
Mitre - a celebrated partnership! Sportisimo and Mitre are celebrating a very sucessfull 10-year partnership.  Mitre is the ball/product sponsor of all Sportisimo courses.  They are also the OFFICIAL ball supplier to Netball South Africa, the Netball Grand Series, South African Schools Netball and University Sport South Africa (Netball).  May this relationship grow from strength to strength!  Thanks MITRE!  All Mitre equipment and balls can be purchased from Sportisimo at special rates! Contact us today for a digital brochure and price list.  Equipment is also sold at all our courses!
Game Time!! Daily games ensure that teams have the opportunity to apply and integrate what they have learnt during the day, but in a pressure situasion.  Elsje is also on hand to assist coaches with team selections during these games and provide assistance regarding positional challenges.
To LIVE and PLAY with purpose and meaning
Another corner stone of our courses are the Personal Leadership development facilitated by Minnette.  During these sessions she adresses different and important off court challenges that is so often neglected, but critical for successful performance and a happy team.  During one of these sessions players and coaches are asked to establish their own personal and their teams' core values which they use as a guide on how to LIVE and PLAY with purpose and meaning.  The content of these sessions are adapted according the development level and age of the team.  For more information click on the Soulutions for Leadership title on the main menu.
Variation in training partners During training sessions we encourage teams to train against other teams and players to ensure that players learn to adapt and play against different players and styles than only players from their own schools or team mates.  Full integration of skills and techniques is paramount.
Conquering the Bridge... Another team building challenge is to jump off the Konka bridge into a huge natural dam.  Although not very high this activity proofs to be a nerve racking experience for some of the players... and coaches!   The team need to convince and help all their mates to get down which then usually ends in a "lekker" mud fight.
Excellent Netball Facilities
Training takes place on four (4) all weather courts and six (6) grass courts with the most beautifull view of the Magalies mountains.  Teams rotate after every session to ensure that everybody train on the all weather surface.  The four all weather courts are under lights and provide extra game opportunity during the beautiful balmy Bushveld evenings.  Sportisimo coaches are availalble to assist coaches on all the courts with Elsje moving around between all ten (10) courts to provide individualized advice and suggestions.  The courts are located 50 m from the main sleeping dorms.
Building confidence through achievement... Through the successful achievement of the team and healthy friendships the individual builds confidence and self esteem.  This is in line with Sportisimo's holistic and scientific approach to coaching where a player is seen as body, mind, soul and spirit.  Our courses is not about physical training only!
Teenage ENERGY EXPLOSION! Beware... Youthful exuberance! Powerful enthusiasm! Cheerful excitement! ALIVE! OOMPH!  Happiness! JOY! PURPOSE!!  FUN!! THIS is our GOAL.


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Leadership is not a position or a title.
It is a choice.

A rich and different definition of 'leadership'...
To be a leader of other you need to be a leader of SELF.


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